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Humans are incredibly expressive and creative animals. Even those of us who are not artistically talented can still appreciate beauty and craftsmanship. What other animal can do this? Have you ever seen an elephant gaze wistfully at a lovely sunset?

Design as a career option

Given our capacity to appreciate, create, and express, it is not surprising that design careers have become so popular in recent years. This is not to say that fashion and design are anything new. Art and expression are as old as humanity itself. But certainly, the venues and media for creative outlets have increased; thanks, in part, to the computer. These days, people can study and work in 2D, 3D, graphic, fashion, interior, exterior, and floral design without lengthy apprenticeships and costly materials. You can build an extremely lucrative career in design from the comfort of your own home.

Education means credibility

Regardless of what type of design careers you are interested in, formal study will almost certainly help your chances of employment. According to various studies conducted by the Department of Labor, a bachelor’s degree is usually the minimum requirement for most design fields. And for interior design, you’ll actually need licensing since you’ll often make substantial alterations to an existing living or work space.

Earning potential after your diploma

After you complete your studies, you’ll be happy to know that your earning potentially will be substantially higher than if you had tried to enter the design field on your own. Depending on the exact field, you can make a median salary ranging from $19,000 (floral designers) to $52,000 (commercial or industrial designer). And the creative flexibility you get to enjoy really has no price on it. Much of your work will be project oriented, so you usually have the luxury of accepting or rejecting whatever business you want. In many cases, you truly are your own boss.






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