The Art & Design Career Guide

A guide for your career plans in Art & Design

Look around you. Almost everything you see that was not created by nature was conceptualized by a designer. Designers prepare detailed sketches that give the builders and manufacturers the instructions they need to make the finished product. When you study design, you will be entering a wide array of careers that affect the way the rest of the world will live. You’ll combine your creative and artistic abilities with some very practical knowledge that you gain through your studies.

You may choose a career in automotive design and have a hand in the future of one of our most important possessions. Your automotive design studies will include issues of aerodynamics, engineering, and safety. Imagine the thrill of sitting behind the wheel of a car that started out as a design on your drawing board.

If you choose a career in commercial or industrial design, you’ll be part of the team that works on the development of anything from furniture and appliances, to heavy machinery and airplanes. Your studies will give you a background in such things as product usage, consumer needs, materials, production methods and ergonomics.

Graphics design artists study consumer perceptions and behavior in order to create visual works that solve the communications challenges presented by the client. There are many different graphics design careers involving technology, print and electronic media, television and film. Your career may lead you to study magazine and newspaper design, advertising, or product packaging design.

Other design careers include fashion design, interior design, and scenic design among many others. Each of these specialized career paths has its own professional study programs. If you want to see your artistic visions take on a life of their own, a design career is for you.






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