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The number of jobs that do not rely on computers is growing smaller every day. Even farmers out in the boondocks use computer technology to increase productivity and reduce crop failure. There’s simply no getting around it. Careers are becoming increasingly computer-oriented every day. But this is far from lamentable. Can you imagine going back to the days before computers? Sending a note to a relative in China used to take weeks. Now it takes milliseconds. And finding information has never been easier. You can access Genghis Kahn’s entire biography without going to the library or picking up a book. You can even do your taxes with a few mouse clicks. This is all thanks to computers.

Computers are nothing without programs

Computers are only as good as the programs that run on them. The ATM that dispenses cash; the weather satellite that gives us forecasts; the espresso machine that jumpstarts your morning; they all run on computer programs. As the world continues to increase its dependence on computer technology, it should become clear that computer programming careers are a safe investment for the future. Should you decide to study this constantly expanding field, expect a smorgasbord of career opportunities in the years to come.

Where your studies will take you

During your studies, you’ll realize how expansive the career options really are. Want to work in entertainment? Education? Science? Marketing? As you study computer programming, you’ll see that the programmer’s imprint is everywhere. There is a tremendous amount of information out there, and it needs to be organized, analyzed, manipulated, controlled, and used no matter what industry. Ultimately, your programs will help people do all of these things. The only real task is finding and filling individual needs. For this, you will need both good problem solving and communication skills. After all, most software is custom made.






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