Computer & Technology Careers – Future Outlook

Future Outlook of Careers in Computer & Technology

The coffee you drink every morning; the weather forecast you listen to on the radio; the cell phone charging in the cradle; they are all brought to us by computers. Computers are simply amazing. They perform so many of our daily functions that sometimes we’re not even aware that they exist. It’s only during a system failure that we realize how incredibly dependent we are on these amazing machines. How do they do what they?

Computer programmers are the responsible

Computer programming is part art, part science. Careers in this exciting field use both sides of the brain to help deliver amazingly complex programs that help bring us our coffee and weather forecasts. If you have ever considered a career in computer programming, you could not have picked a better time to start your studies.

Studies? Can’t I just start programming?

No. You’ll need to study if you want to make headway in this career. Even if you’re pretty savvy with a keyboard, you’ll still need various types of certification (html, Basic, Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, C++), before most employers will take you seriously. This makes sense when you consider how competitive and advanced the world of computers is becoming. Thanks to the Internet, you now must compete with programmers from all over the world. Unless your skills are already advanced enough to take on programmers from India and China as well as San Francisco and New York, then you’ll want to study up first. You’ll thank yourself later.

Job outlook for Computer & Technology

Although competition is rising, the number of jobs is also rising. Growth in this field is quite favorable if you have the requisite training and skills. You can work freelance or with a professional outfit. Live and work anywhere there is an Internet connection. And this is to say nothing of the comfortable salary. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the median income for computer programmers was an impressive $60,000 in 2012.






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