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This article explores in detail the specific job opportunities available to those with (online) business degrees. In-depth assessments (including starting and median pay) are given. The article establishes the importance of online business education in starting a successful business career.


Business Jobs & Education

You’ve decided you want to study business, you’ve made your plan, and you even know where you’re going to go. But the one thing you don’t know quite yet is all the potential waiting for you out there. Many people just assume that a degree in business means they have to be businessmen like Mark Zuckerberg or the Waltons.
But the truth of the matter is, you don’t need to follow your business education with entrepreneurship. While you certainly can, it is not the only possibility waiting for you. In fact, with a business degree, you will be open to far more possibilities than people who have chosen other majors.

Business Jobs: the importance of online business education in starting a successful business career


A good education in business is important

In order to get you more fired up about your future possibilities, here is a small list of some of the highest paying careers you can get with your online business degree:

  • Tax Consultant (median pay $87,400)
  • Systems Manager, IT (median pay $90,500)
  • Bank examiner (median pay $109,000)
  • Chief Administrative Officer (median pay $140,000)
  • Chief Marketing Officer (median pay $172,000)

Not too shabby, huh? Of course, getting to that level of pay in any profession will take time, dedication, and years of work, but it’s impossible to even start on that path without a degree in business.

This is why obtaining an online business degree should be one of your top priorities. Getting your education is the first step in working towards your goal. Whatever you hope to do later, your salary will depend heavily on your educational experience.

So don’t miss out on the opportunity to shine and rise the corporate ladder. There are several jobs out there waiting—and because not everyone is going to get a degree in business, there will be open spots for you, especially if you are willing to put in the work.

Starting pay for those with business degrees in the US is somewhere around $43,000. Now that may not seem like the dream you’ve always been hoping for, but it’s nevertheless a great first step. Did you know that 52% of the country makes $30,000 a year or less? In the first year after obtaining your degree, you can make at least $13,000 more than the rest of the country, and you will only rise from there.

No matter what you say, that’s a pretty good deal.

It’s also important to note that getting a degree in business doesn’t mean strictly adhering to a business major. If you choose, you can earn a degree in a field such as business management. This, of course, will lead to many great opportunities, as management skills are highly sought in the marketplace.

Some of the most common career paths for holders of business management degrees are business analyst, financial analyst, sales trainee, sales representative, etc. These types of jobs are great entry-level positions that could see you on your journey to earning six-figures a year.

Best Locations

Some areas still have great unemployment rates, however, there are some states bucking the trend. These are the top five:

  • North Dakota, 3.6 percent
  • South Dakota, 4.4 percent
  • Nebraska, 4.7 percent
  • New Hampshire, 5.8 percent
  • Vermont, 6 percent.

Simply put, if you major in business or in a field related to it, your job outlook will be fantastic. If you are someone who is struggling with your work now—for whatever reason—this is great for you. Don’t bog yourself down in a job that doesn’t feel right for you. Capitalize on the possibilities that are out there. There is plenty of business career information online that can guide you in the right direction. No matter what your business goals, there is a career out there for you, and self-study can help you find exactly what that is.

So don’t give up. Chances are, you’re not just reading this on a whim. You’re reading it because you’ve considered going back for your degree for quite some time now. Let me tell you, it’s time to make that a reality. It’s time to stop dreaming it and to finally make it come true. Obtaining your business degree can give you a whole new world of career choices and start you on the life you deserve. A marketplace eager for fresh minds will provide you with the comfort and stability you desire in your life. In turn, your intellect and uniqueness will bring to the marketplace a new set of ideas. Your ideal job is out there. It’s time to go and get it!

With proper planning, success is just around the corner! A good place to start is obtaining a degree from the business universities listed below.







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