Why study Architecture?

Building Your Career From the Ground Up

Architecture is the oldest form of art, but much more than that, architecture is a reflection of its society. Tracing the architecture of a city or a time period will tell you a great deal about its people. Architecture houses families, events, and special memories. It affects and is affected by its surroundings. Architecture is perhaps the most important and valuable of the arts.

Are you a natural-born architect?

If you are interested in how communities evolve, in the preservation of the natural world, or in how a building or natural environment affects people, you already have what it takes to get started in your architecture studies. You will learn to use your clients as inspiration for the design, uses and materials of a building. You will study how to design structures that benefit their surroundings and use the bare minimum of natural resources. You will study how to create structures that live on long after you are gone, to benefit societies far into the future. Are you interested in creating work that’s this important? If so, you should consider a career in architecture.

What will I study in architecture school?

Licensed architects must complete at least six years of formal training, as well as an in-depth licensing procedure that takes a few years to complete. Throughout the course of your studies, your training may include physics, mathematics, engineering, construction, landscaping, graphic design, computer/technology training, and some financial work, which is useful for the necessary management of a client’s budget. Even if you decide not to practice as an architect, your studies will have prepared you for a career in any one of the following: engineering, construction, city planning, surveying, environmental protection, landscape architecture, interior design, or the arts. Architecture is a foundation for far more than just buildings.






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