Architecture Careers – Future Outlook

Future Outlook of Careers in Architecture

According to various studies done by the U.S. Department of Labor, careers in architecture are expected to increase thanks to an aging baby boomer population. As this large generation transitions into their peak earning years (shortly before retirement) they are buying larger homes with more amenities, gadgets and features. This additional demand will mean plenty of work for qualified architects.

Commercial and residential spaces

According to that same set of studies, these baby boomers will also create more demand for non-residential spaces as well. Currently, there are not enough facilities (hospitals, nursing homes, gyms) to accommodate the aging population. The architects of today and tomorrow will have to help meet this demand by designing many more facilities in the coming years.

Getting your career started

Careers in architecture offer many advantages. However, before you can get started, you need to complete formal study and licensing. After all, all architects are legally responsible for their work. Knowing what materials can support what types of weight is incredibly important in this particular career. Understanding all local and federal building regulations will also be quite necessary. Unless you already know the ins and outs, you’ll need to study in formal setting and then pass the appropriate State-sponsored exam.

After your license

With degree and license in hand, you can start designing and building. Working closely with your clients, you help create a custom designed living or work space. As you can imagine, there is a tremendous amount of creative flexibility, problem-solving, and satisfaction involved in this occupation. And the general lifestyle isn’t shabby either. Because you’ll usually work as a freelance contractor, you’ll have the luxury of accepting or rejecting whatever projects you choose. Make yourself as busy as you want. Work on a few homes simultaneously. It’s entirely up to you. Median salary was an impressive $56,000 in 2012.






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