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Art & Design

Introduction to Art and Design Education:
Art and Design studies is an interdisciplinary major that can lead to a wide range of occupations.
This major...

Computers & Technology

Introduction to Studies in Computers & Technology: Computer programmers are trained to speak the languages that computers understand, and use them to program software or...

Engineering & Architecture

Learn more about to Architecture Studies &
Engineering: Architecture studies involve the overall design of homes, buildings, and other structures. Their work blends aesthetics, client needs, building...

Interior Design

´Learn more about Interior Design Studies: Interior designers do much more than make aesthetic choices about a room. Their work can also help improve a room’s...


Study for an MBA Program: Business can be a challenging world with rules and social structures unique to that environment. Navigating it can be difficult, but not impossible...

Technical Studies

Introduction to Technical Studies: Technical colleges and vocational schools are dedicated to providing career training at the academic and skills level for students who want...

Business Studies

The ways in which an online degree in business education can benefit your future. Various aspects and benefits of the education process are analyzed and presented...

Culinary Arts

Learn more about Cooking, Baking and Culinary Arts: Culinary studies majors learn the art of preparing and serving food, and the business of food service.
With a...


Education in Fashion Studies: Students who enroll in fashion studies programs typically desire to design clothing or apparel. Many use the skills learned in their...


Learn how to get an IT-Certification: Earning your certifications in technology that are pegged to specific hardware or software products can benchmark your skills for employers and...

Medical Studies

Learn more about Medical Studies: The time couldn’t be better for students interested in a career in the healthcare field. Half of the fastest-growing occupations are...

Communications & Media

Education in Communications & Media: Studies in media and communications examine how media influences our culture and behavior, and how to convey messages effectively...

Education & Teaching

Learn more about Studies in Education & Teaching: The field of education employs millions of workers both in and out of the classroom. From kindergarten to school...

Information Technology

Studies in the field of Information Technology: If you’re planning to major in information technology studies, you’ll be prepared for a career with growth potential. For example...

Legal Studies

Education in Legal Studies, Law & Criminal Justice: Legal studies is a course of study that looks at the law and justice system from historical and social perspectives...


Education in the field of Nursing: Nursing education is a popular academic choice today among students who want to prepare for a career, change careers, or advance...

Learn more about your future Career

Before selecting a degree program, one must fully understand what types of career options are available. Our in-depth career guide provides detailed analysis about educational requirements, potential salaries, employment statistics, and job descriptions for countless careers.

Whether you're looking for a nursing university or a business school to help you pursue your dream career, almost any question you might have about potential occupations can be answered by using these guides.

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Find schools by subject and by state

Our school directories feature over 100,000 traditional and online degrees which will help launch careers in just about every industry imaginable. Also, almost all of the degree programs that we partner with offer job placement and career services for their graduates.

Students may search for on-campus programs and online colleges by location, subject area, and even degree type. Our interface makes it easy to research schools and compare different programs side by side.

We also make it easy to request free information and catalogs from different schools. Simply contact the school through the "request information" links available throughout our web site.

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Learn more about the U.S. education system

Applying to and paying for school can be a headache for many prospective students. Our student resources section will address any questions relating to selecting careers and schools, on-campus programs versus online degrees, researching degrees, financing an education, and navigating the application process.

In addition, we provide extensive background information on school systems, do's and don'ts of admissions, and numerous related articles about various degrees.

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w3Education ® is a one-stop Web resource where prospective students can research thousands of online universities or campus schools and over 100,000 different traditional and online degrees. It's one of the largest resources of its kind, and by following the appropriate links, anyone can find a program to suit his or her needs.
You'll find a huge range of information on careers, schools, online universities and more, and at the end of the day you'll have all of the information you need to make a sound, informed decision about your academic future.

w3Education is not actually a university itself. Rather, we are a free Web resource for students and professionals interested in jumpstarting their careers by advancing their education. The site is designed specifically to help prospective students learn more about online colleges, traditional campus degrees, careers, schools and diplomas and more, allowing them to select the ideal online or campus degree program to match their needs, desires and plans.

Our ultimate goal is to match students with traditional schools and online degrees which suit all of their educational and occupational needs. Whether you're a prospective student looking into business programs, a nursing university, technology careers, the arts or anything else, you'll have access to everything you need right here.

By using the many resources available on, any student can find the perfect program for his or her dream career.

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